Your facility uses water in a process that makes it unsuitable for releasing to the environment.

Even though there are systems in place to treat this water, many facilities experience disrupted production, high chemical costs, and unnecessary fines.

It doesn't need to be that way.

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3 Problems In Your Wastewater

Insoluble Contaminants

Suspended solids and oils exist in your water. Filtration, gravity, and dissolved air are required to separate them out of the water.

Soluble Pollutants

Metals and organic matter are dissolved in your water. In order to be removed, these pollutants must be converted to a solid state.

Solid Waste

Prior to disposal, solid waste may need additional conditioning or dewatering to reduce additional costs of removal.

How Does This Impact Me?

Your facility’s wastewater treatment system was designed to reduce the cost of discharging contaminated water. In theory, this should be saving you money by avoiding fines and minimizing disposal charges. But in reality, water-related problems in your treatment system rob you of these savings and compromise the reliability of your equipment. Preventing these problems is not hard with the right help. We’ve helped over 4,000 commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities with proven water treatment programs that work.

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A Wastewater Program That Works

The Right Chemistry

Chemical formulations and mechanical processes create water conditions that efficiently remove contaminants from your waste water.

The Right Control

Equipment controls ensure the right water conditions are consistently maintained for your systems to perform reliably and efficiently.

The Right Service

We are on-site regularly to report performance and detect potential problems that could impact your results.

Your Next Step

All water is local and no two facilities are the same. When you schedule a site visit, we will walk through your facility to collect system data and water samples. Our lab will perform a detailed analysis and we’ll present you with a custom wastewater program that is guaranteed to get your water systems operating at maximum potential.

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