HOH Means Water

Water is our name, our business, and our inspiration.

Many companies deliver the types of products we deliver, but we believe our people and culture make us different.

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Our Passion: What Drives Us

While HOH means water, and that is our business, our organizational passion is to build a winning culture with lasting impact. When we help our customers win while living out our core values, we build a winning culture. And the results of a winning culture allow us to make a lasting impact on the people we serve, the communities we live in, and one another as teammates.

Our Mission: What We Aim To Do

With care and expertise, we harness every resource at our disposal to ensure our clients’ water systems are operating at maximum potential.

Our Founding Story: Where We Come From

In 1968, HOH was founded by Robert F. Hutchison, whose water treatment experience began during World War II while serving as Chief Engineer in the United States Navy. His vision, technical expertise, and integrity are the foundation of HOH’s success and continue to shape the culture of the organization. HOH remains a family owned and operated business, now in its third generation, and is led by Thomas F. Hutchison as President & CEO.

Our Core Values


We will own the results of our work. We believe in claiming value when things go right, and taking responsibility when there are problems, owning our part without debate.


We will leave our work in better shape than when we found it. No matter the circumstance, we take personal ownership of the places we work in and the people we serve.


We will work creatively and be resourceful in finding solutions. With or without instruction, we will find a way to get the job done. If it was easy, anyone could do it.


We will work selflessly as one team. We believe that we go farther together. Achieving success for our customers is a team sport and we pull together as one team to serve our customers.

Your Next Step

If you skipped over the core values, we ask that you take a moment to read through them one more time. Many companies have core values, but few truly aspire to live up to them in their day-to-day operations. If anything you read in our values and story resonates with you, we want to work with you. Living out our values is much easier when you work with people who share them.

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